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June 1st Pitching Analysis for Main Slate from CheatSheetPros!

MLB Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!


JUSTIN VERLANDER (11900) – Nose bleed pricing for V but it’s Houston and the #4 bullpen behind him. Their lineup has been wanky the last couple days so keep that in mind. Oakland is hitting .247 vs. Verlander through 73 Abs but 19 Ks and only 2 HR. He is expensive but you can pair him with my favorite play of the day and fit him in nicely.

CLAYTON KERSHAW (10100) – If you want to use him I understand I mean PHILLY is only batting .198 against him through 96 Abs with 30Ks. Those are phenom BVP numbers. Plus Philly has lost 2 in a row, 5-5 in their last 10 games and hold a wRC+ that is 14 points lower when they are on the road. So yes I get it. The reason I won’t use Kershaw tonight is he has only topped 21 DK points 1 time in his last 5 starts. Upside is there but I’d rather go elsewhere.

JACOB DEGROM (9400) – If you want to save some money of Kershaw you can come down to DeGrom. He has a wide range in his last 4 starts he has a low of -0.15 DK points and a high of 30 DK points. More of a GPP play with all the risk/range numbers. ARI is only hitting .158 vs. DeGrom but that is only 19 Abs so read it and now through it out the window, lol. Greinke on the other side of the mount and Vegas has this as a 50/50 game so he is 50% for the “Win” adds more risk. Don’t mind him but let’s see what else we have on tap!

ZACK GREINKE (9200) – Save 200 bones and go on the other side of DeGrom and the 50/50 game and get some more consistency as far as ranges. In Greinkes last 4 starts he has a low of 17 DK points and a high of 28 DK points so a tighter window of 20, 17, 28 and 25. Want impressive numbers? In his last 9 starts he has only given up 3 ER twice, not more than 3 but 3 exactly and the other 7 starts is was 1 ER or less. In 53 Abs vs. NYM they are hitting .151 against him with 16 Ks. Plus the NYMs have a wRC+ on the road of 72.69 which is way under their 114 home number (41.3 point drop!). Ok now I love me some Greinke! We will work through this together while I drink my coffee.

DOMINGO GERMAN (8900) – Tough matchup vs. Boston but now we are saving some money so we can take some more risk. In Domingo’s last 3 home starts he has went 19 innings – only 4 ER total – 24 strikeouts! In those starts he put up 29.5, 26.8 and 21.9 DK points. In his recent ROAD starts (he is at home today so just showing these for comparison) 3.8 DK points @ KC giving up 7 ER, 17 DK points @ BAL giving up 2 ER, 15 @ TB, 13.9 @ SF. Much better at home! GPP consideration.

ANDREW HEANEY (8500) – Now we are down into the mid-range plays. Heaney has 1 start since coming back vs. TEX and went 5.0 / 2 ER / 8 Ks for 21.45 DK points. Someone to keep an eye on, minimal data for 2019 since he only has 1 start so we will leave it at that.

JACK FLAHERTY (7200) – Quick notes on some of these mid-low tier pitchers. Coming off 25, 16 and 18 DK points 7200 is a great price for that 2x floor with 3x+ upside. He has 18 Ks in his last 18 innings. He also faced the Cubbies on May 3rd and put up 20 DK points with 9 Ks in only 5.2 innings. So that gives us around a 3x game which is great for GPP but Cubbies are always a tough matchup for any pitcher if they get hot! Cubs are only hitting .178 vs. Flaherty through 45 Abs so good BVP numbers.

MARCUS STROMAN (6400) – GPP dart since he is @ COL but priced way down to 6400. He has only allowed 1 ER in each of his last 3 starts putting up 13.6, 17 and 18.7 DK points. @ COL with a total in the game off 11-12 runs is fucking scary for any SP!

TOMMY MILONE (6300) – Another GPP only dart putting up 16.8 and 24 DK points in his only two starts this year going 10.2 innings with 13 Ks and both games vs. Texas. Notable that LAA doesn’t strike out. They are the lowest in the entire MLB. On our cheatsheets vs. pitcher than they only strike out 14.2% of the time and overwall on the road vs. both pitcher hands only 15.9%. His points have to come from getting deep into the game and with the 27th ranked bullpen behind him it’s doubtful he can hold onto the win so again gpp dart throw only.

JOSE URENA (5700) – If you have read down this far you get to see my FAVORITE PITCHER FOR THE MAIN SLATE! My morning coffee is almost gone so time to wrap this up with the icing on the cake. You can pair Urena with any stud and still have an acceptable total number of dollars spent for pitching. I was shocked when I saw his price tag. His last two starts he has put up 18.1 and 20.75 DK points going 13.0 innings and 9 Ks while only allowing 2 ER in each game. 20.75 Dk points doesn’t sound like much but that is pushing 4x value, so that is like Verlander giving you a 48 point game. Now this is the best cheap punt play for points so you can stack that Colorado game and these other high priced hitters. The scary part… you ready for this… In only 20 Abs SD is hitting .450 againt him with 3 HR and only 3 Ks. He has the #29 bullpen behind him trying to hold onto any possible “W” if they get the lead. Yuck. Now ready for the positive notes? See I’m giving you all the information so you can decide. Padres are semi cold right now and most hittings are the blue in FPPG over the last week and two weeks. The BVP only 20 Abs so throw it out the window, plus Urena is turning it on right now. Another plus, Padres have the 2nd highest strikeout rate vs. pitcher hand at 27.3% with a lower wRC+ of 92.0 and a .247 batting average. Even if he gets pounded you spent the MIN on him!

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