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MLB Betting Picks for Saturday!

MLB Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!


HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON! After the long hot summer we move into the fall where we get cooler weather (locally) and weekends packed with cheatsheets and football action! My favorite time of year! My local state just LEGALIZED SPORTS BETTING 2 days ago so I am pumped to have some great promos and solid lines! One of my favorite things I'll be targeting this football season is "Same Game Parlays". I've been jealous that I haven't had access to these but now the door is open! I don't have any big College Football picks for Week 1 but have a few games I "lean" to which I posted in the chat but nothing big.

I have also been sick the last week so just been in survival mode and building up the NFL CheatSheet for Week 1 which will be out in a couple days! My kids were in school less than 2 weeks and son came home with a head cold that made it through our household! Now I'm back to normal and I'm on PTO until Monday, September 12th so LET'S GO!

Good Luck!



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