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MLB Picks for Sunday!

MLB Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!


We see the wildest things happen on Sundays with studs getting the day off and dogs coming out with big wins. So my preference on a Sunday is to bet lite and don't get heavily invested. Always have a back door play to cover yourself. For example, if you parlay up an early game and 2 late games and the early game goes down leave yourself an option to jump back on the two later games. I like all of the plays in the sheet below but that does not mean I'm betting "all" of them. The 4 games below are how I'm going to attack this slate. I have another season long fantasy draft at 1pm today so I'll be around the chat this afternoon!

LA Angels (Ohtani) First 5 Run Line

Seattle Mariners (-1.5)

St. Louis Cardinals (-1.5)

Baltimore Ravens (-6)

Good Luck!



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