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Monday MLB Free Pick from CheatSheetPros!

Money Report from the Draftkings Sportsbook as of 2:50 PM on Monday!

Sports Betting Pick #1 - LA Dodgers (-1.5) over Arizona

Follow along on the MLB Cheatsheet and what jumps out at you on this screen shot?

#1 - LA Dodgers are #1 in our last 10 power rankings.

#2 - They also rank #1 in runs per game over the last two weeks and ARI is 27th.

#3 - LAD are 10-2 over the last 12 games.

#4 - In the top left corner you can see LAD is a solid 11-4 on the RUN LINE which is fantastic!

Dodger lineup vs. Merrill Kelly Breakdown:

#1 - MONSTER BVP NUMBERS! Dodgers have 97 team At-Bats and they are batting .402 off Kelly with a low 15% strikeout rate - WOW! That is like a hand coming out of your screen and slapping you in the face! I also love how the ABs are spread out with 18, 15, 11, 14 and 15. Muncy hitting .444, Turner .467, Smith .545, Bellinger .357 and Mookie .333 come on people!

#2 - Bullpen RANKS 30th when Merrill Kelly comes out of the game, that should be the second thing that slaps you in the face!

Arizona vs. Walker Buehler Breakdown:

#1 - Pitcher Advanced BVP - 59 ABs is right on that edge where you want to take note but not put a ton of stock in it. Through 59 ABs he is allowing a low .203 batting average and 27% strikeout rate. Now when you look at this it's basically only 3 players (Marte 21 ABs, Walker 18 ABs and Kelly 11 ABs).

#2 - Low/Mid on batting production. We have 5 of the 9 guys in the "blue" which means cold AF and not doing well.

#3 - Bullpen for the Dodgers rank #1 when Walker Buehler comes out of the game.

Thank you for reading and good luck!



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