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NBA Player Props & THRIVE Picks for Monday Night!

NBA Player Props & Player Prop Cards from CheatSheetPros!


I've disappeared from articles for around a week because I had a minor surgery and needed around a week to recover but I'm getting back in the swing. I've been obsessed with the player prop parlays and hit one for +3200 and +2000 yesterday in the NFL and also hit a Tee Higgins most receiving yards in the early window at +1200 (which I also posted in our chat group!) So wanted to do an article on some that I locked in tonight for the NBA.


Jaylen Brown over 27.5 Points + James Harden over 29.5 points

Harden loves to shoot the rock and tonight they have no Kevin Durant among several other inactive players so it will be the Harden and Mills show. Harden coming off 36 points shooting 10 of 25 with 10 board and 10 assist. His REB/AST are sporatic so I stayed away from like the points against this Paul George-less Clippers team. Jaylen Brown has been playing great and has put up 25, 34 and 30 points over the last 3 games and will be without Jayson Tatum tonight.

5 LEG DART PARLAY (Add on to the above parlay for some extra payday if we hit!) - PAYS +2100

James Harden over 29.5 points - See above.

Jaylen Brown over 27.5 points - See above.

Desmond Bane over 2.5 3P shots made - Has made 4, 3, 5, 1, 4 and 5 over the last 6 games so making 3 has good odds.

Zach LaVine over 27.5 points - LaVine has put up 32, 33, 23, 32 and 31 points over his last 5 played games. DeRozan or LaVine should go off tonight taking LaVine to hit 28. Last night he put up 32 shooting a solid 12 for 18 and took 9 3P attempts.

Patty Mills over 19.5 points - One of my favorite prop plays tonight! Mills has 34, 23, 14 and 30 points over the last 4. He has room to smash this number but feel pretty good with hitting at least 20 with no Aldridge or Durant tonight.


Christian Wood over 17.5 points - CHA ranks 29th and 30th in PPG allowed and REB allowed per game. They are giving up 26.7 points to the C and 18.7 boards per game. Wood has 22, 20, 23 and 21 points over the last 4. Taking a lower number to get another leg.

Rudy Gobert over 14.5 boards - My least favorite leg but needed to get some additional plays in for a bigger payout. He has 11, 17, 21, 19 and 14 boards over the last 5. SAS give up 17 boards a game to the C position and Aldridge is out tonight on top of it.

DeMar DeRozan over 22.5 points - DeRozan has been smashing and should be able to squeak 23 out with LaVine on the court. He had 24 last night with LaVine had 32. Prior to that game he has put up 24, 26, 38, 29 and 34.

Zach LaVine over 23.5 points - See above, if he falters the 28 target we are shooting for this gives us a lower number of hitting 24 points.

DeAndre Ayton over 14.5 points - Over in 5 straight games and good DVP matchup.

Desmond Bane over 2.5 3P shots made - Wrote about above.

James Harden over 25.5 points - Wrote about above, just took a lower number that is a "safer" pick.

Patty Mills over 18.5 points - Wrote about above, just took a lower number that is a "safer" pick.

Jaylen Brown over 27.5 points - Wrote about above.



PROP CARD #1 - PAYS +1100

Love the Patty Mills over tonight. Desmond Bane points can climb quick with all the 3P shot attempts and MEM likely playing from behind. Jaylen Brown with no Jayson Tatum gives him some extra shots and I think he can push 30 actual points tonight so 37.5 with REB and AST included feels like a fair shot. Zach LaVine averages around 30 points per game and his total is 30.5 for points + rebounds? Yes please!

PROP CARD #2 - PAYS +360

Just two of the favorite 4 plays listed above - so if I can hit these two then I'm sitting pretty decent for the night and anything else is a bonus.

PROP CARD #3 - PAYS +360

Have to take some NFL action right? Waddle should get plenty of looks at Lattimore should cover Parker. Alvin Kamara is the only offensive weapon viable for the Saints so I see 25+ carries for him tonight and 2.5 yards per carry puts him over this number.

Thanks for reading & good luck!



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