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NBA Plays & Stats (January 24th) from CheatSheetPros!

NBA Plays & Stats for (January 24th, 2020) from CheatSheetPros!


Thank you everyone for giving me some time after the passing of my mother-in-law. I’m starting to get back into the swing of things and videos will be up shortly. Losing a loved one that you were close to is hard so make sure you tell your family that you love them every time you see them because you don’t know when the last time will come!


KAWHI LEONARD (10,300) – Great for cash games as he has put up 64, 66, 51 and 61 DK points as of late giving you a 5x-6x range. Paul George is out tonight as well as Pat Bev and Leonard has taken 29 and 28 FG attempts in his last two games so look for some more of that tonight. He has a massive FPPM boost from 1.48 up to 1.73 over the last 6 games which is giving up a +17% increase. DVP spot is 0.95 but that doesn’t really matter when you have a rockstar like Kawhi.

KEMBA WALKER (7500) – I’m going to use him in GPPs only because he has been pretty shitty as of late. Putting up 27, 37, 63, 28 and 26.5 DK points. Those are some really low floor games. However, 3 games ago he played 38 minutes and took 23 FG attempts for a nice 62.75 DK point game and with Tatum and Kanter already ruled out I think we see more FG attempts from him tonight. Low floor but if you got 60+ from a 7.5k guy that is a great return! ORL is giving up 51.6 DK points to the PG position over the last two weeks and that is a +7.7% advantage for the spot on the slate.

JAYLEN BROWN (6600) – Now listed as “probable” for tonight. There is no Tatum and Kanter so Kemba and Brown should take advantage of the extra opportunities. Brown is coming off 40.5 and 43.5 DK point games in his last two.

T.J. MCCONNELL (4900) – With Malcolm Brogdon out McConnell and Aaron Holiday will split up the minutes. McConnell is coming off 40.5 & 29.5 DK point games playing only 27 and 23 minutes. Did I mention this is a SMASH spot? GSW are giving up 59.6 DKP to the position over the last two weeks and that is 24.1% of the total they allow. If you don’t follow us we look for positions that get 22.5-23% or more of the total points so 24.1% is amazing! Biggest advantage position on the slate too!

MYLES TURNER (4900) – GPP play here but has 50 DKP upside. Coming off 25 and 30 DKP games he is priced under 5k and in a smash spot. GSW have allowed 61.3 DKP to the C position over the last two weeks and that is a +18.3% advantage! Turner also has a 56 DKP game in his last 8 games!


Tyler Herro – With Jimmy Butler, Dragic and Nunn all questionable he may end up being a monster value play if they are all ruled out.

Dedmon – Very cheap and will see plenty of minutes.

Noel – If Steven Adams is ruled out NOEL is in a smash spot as they are allowing 56.6 DKP to the C position over the last two weeks.

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