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NBA "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" for Monday!

NBA "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" for Monday!


Happy Monday! Below are some NBA Sports Betting Picks & "Prize Picks" that you can consider for tonight! Hope everyone had a great first week back to reality after the holidays!

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Love all the positive feedback I received this week on the "Prize Picks" tab and wanted to share one of them. This user went 6 of 6 hitting his prize picks card and hit this one for $500 off a $20 play. I got this at 2am so when I woke up and read it - it started off my day with a smile. Congrats!

This was a Sports Betting Recap I posted a few days ago. Remember, we are looking at NBA model plays that have a difference of 7 points from our model and the Vegas spread. I personally have a "Fade Rule" if the team is under 5-5 over the L10 games. I don't bet everyday but I try to dig back through the NBA CheatSheet and document some positive notes 3-5 days a week depending on my schedule.

Daily Fantasy Players - If you are playing DFS then you have to watch this video:

It is also on the front page of the website. Long story short we have a very different method of digging up NBA DFS plays and I wanted to make a video explaining exactly what I was doing and looking at so see the details in the quick video. Below is a screen shot from one of the first days I dug this up and 9 of 12 plays smashed value. 1) Sort the Last 5 FPPM x Proj Min VALUE from high to low. 2) Filter out PROJ MIN to 24+ 3) Filter out Last 5 FPPM to greater than 0.99. use this group to find your CORE plays.




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