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NBA "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" for Monday!

NBA "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" for Monday!


I wanted to get some content out today so decided to get an article put together. We had a great week last week and his some monsters and I was glad to see my Chiefs move to their 5th straight AFC Championship game! As always, these are just some of the plays that "I Like" and the NBA CheatSheet provides many more plays, thoughts and stat breakdowns!

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We have been tracking and posting "Prize Picks" results from our "PrizePick" tab on the NBA cheatsheet. These are from yesterday:

CheatSheet Line > Went an amazing 26-7 hitting OVER plays!

Confidence % plays rated 72% and higher hit 11 of 13!

Last 7 day average gaps continue to show strength at a 15-1 night!

NBA Streaks 4+ went over again on 13 of 14!

Good Luck,



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