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NBA "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" for Wednesday!

NBA "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" for Wednesday!


Remember tomorrow is FREE PREMIUM CHEATSHEET day so make sure you are in the FREE Facebook group linked below! I had a lot of positive feedback on the combo article for SPORTS BETS + PRIZE PICKS so going to rip off another one today! Yesterday, the NBA Model Plays (7+ point difference) went 3-0 (screen shot at end of article) and for your DFS'ers we ripped off another good pool of players that are hitting at an 85% clip!

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For all of you "Same Game Parlay" fans like me I wanted to share my SGP for tonight. I typically find 3 legs that are plus money and put 1 unit on each leg and then 1 unit with all of them together. I think this one pays +1500 or something close to that.

I also posted a longshot SGP in our Facebook chat group for +4000.

I would most more SGP but the feedback I've received is very few have access to these as DK Sportsbook is not legal in their state so Prize Picks is the only player prop option. Due to this I've tried to focus more on the Prize Picks for everyone.


I decided to make a news & notes section at the end of our articles for those of you that are not following us on Twitter or in the Facebook group so you can see some of the posted highlights!

NBA Sports Betting Recap from 1/10/2023:

We look at games where our model has a different of 7 or more points and dig into those plays. We do have a couple "fade rules" if you choose to follow them. 3 plays last night with a 3-0 result!

NBA Daily Fantasy > If you watched the video on how to be different and find our "Core Plays" they continue to perform! 11 of them went over value, 1 slightly under and 2 missed. One of the misses was a (-16%) in FPPM production over L5 so could of faded him. But we had 11 of 13 hit value and perform really well and 2 misses and one just in that average spot. This is a great source for CASH games or finding CORE PLAYS!

This video walks through the Sports Betting 3-0 plays yesterday and HOW I FOUND THEM as well as the DFS core group that you see above!

Good Luck!



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