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NFL & College Football CheatSheet Previews!

I wanted to drop a quick preview of the NFL and NCAA Football CheatSheets that will be coming out. I will have College Football up for this week of games and NFL will follow shortly after. I took the week of Labor Day off work to get everything buttoned up and address any issues or miscalculations on the first run. As always we will still be posting the "Pointwise" and "Red Sheets" in the group with their top picks and detailed write ups.

College Football - Returning in 2022 is the College Football CheatSheet with a very similiar look from 2021. We split out different projection models from major sites like PFF, Football Outsiders and Team Rankings and you can see those in the screen shot above next to the "Power Rankings". While our models run off yardages and actual stats we need some data in the season before they fully populate but they will also be returning. You can see those under "Cheat Line" and "Cheat Line v2" on the middle right. We have one model for closely ranked teams and then we have a secondary model for the larger schools vs. smaller schools.

Player Projections & Player Props - This is one of my favorite things to tinker with and we will also have the player projections listed at the bottom for the top players. I also have the ability to scrape all the Prize Picks player projections so looking at adding those to a separate tab for 2022.

College Football Scoreboard - Over the last week I've been working on a "Scoreboard" so you can scroll down and see the games with date and time in the upcoming week along with the spread, total and the power ranking of each team. We also have the 3 main models with their projected line included. Once we have some data we will add in our own model and then also add in the rushing and passing yardage ranks and as well as offensive and defensive stats.

NFL Cheatsheet will return with a closely related "Stack Tab" that we had in 2021. What is new in 2022 is the schedule feature that will show the results of all the games played as well as the upcoming games. You can see right now I have a forecasted line for each matchup since there isn't a result to post. We cleaned up a lot of the extra data and put our two models right at the top with our projected rushing and passing yardages.

Here is a closer look at the NFL schedule that will populate with each team.

Just below the NFL schedule will be the projections. We will be pulling two sets of player projections and putting them side by side so we can identify any discrepancies. On the right you can see the DFS information for ownership percentages, salaries, projections and values. Fanduel didn't have their Week 1 data up when I took this screen shot (just FYI). On the left you can also see the "Slate Rate" next to the player name. This will tell you how that player ranks at his position across the entire slate.

We will also have our popular "Tracker Tab" where we track the fantasy point production for each player, each week and drop it into an easy to read table.

Thank you and stay tuned for more to come!



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