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Saturday "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" from CheatSheetPros!

Saturday "Sports Betting" & "Prize Picks" from CheatSheetPros!


Wanted to get some content out today since I had a busy mid-end week at work and wasn't able to get much out except in our chat group right before lock. NBA player props are in flux this early so make sure to look over the late afternoon cheatsheet update! Excited to let everyone know that MLB this year will be a heavy focus on player props and we will have game log files like we do for the NBA players!

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We have been tracking Prize Picks throughout the week for FantasyPro Projections, Roto Projections, Last 7 Averages, FantasyPro+Roto Projection averages and CheatLine Averages. This was a post we shared on Twitter where our "CheatLine" dropped a 28-7 "OVER" run and the raw Last 7 day average went 28-7.

Shared some big "Same Game Parlays" with everyone!

Hit some "PrizePick" lines too!

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