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Sunday Sports Betting Notes!


First, I want to hit on some same game parlay legs that I really like today. You can mix and match these props but wanted to give you a few that can really juice up your parlay! I have 15+ SGP's going today so listing them and explaining them would take too long so I want to hit on the highlights.

NYM are laying between -450 and -475 which is awful but you can mix these together and get it down to a -120 line. If you don't want to take the DeGrom strikeouts you can just take the NYM/NYM with PIT NRFI and NYM to score over 0.5 runs in the game and get it down to around the same odds. If DeGrom has a goof first 5 (which he should) then the bullpen will hold the rest of the way. Lay (-120) not (-475)!

Draftkings allowed me to parlay these H2H specials. I love the top 2 Jonathan Taylor over James Robinson rush yards and Chubb over Michael Carter. I have those two legs added into several of my SGPs just for some extra boost. This one I added Courtland Sutton over Brandon Cooks because Patrick Surtain should shadow Brandon Cooks giving a slight edge to the Denver WRs and you can get Jeudy or Sutton at plus money.

I have two options here with Kris Bubic. I have one where I'm going SAFE and taking 5+ hits and Boston over 2.5 and then another where I'm taking a big plus money shot with Bubic over 8+ hits and Boston over 2.5. Look at the screen shot below and all the hits he is allowing in recent starts. 5 looks like a FLOOR with a CEILING OF 9-10 hits allowed. On Draftkings SGP you can get 6+ at (-130), 7+ at (+155) or 8+ at (+300). If he gives up 8+ hits then Boston will almost definitely score over 2.5 runs. Just incase you were wondering with 8+ hits allowed and Boston over 2.5 runs pays (+320) for a solid leg.

If you read the NFL Article this week I talked about VOLUME and some of those guys have huge plus numbers on Draftkings. The key with SGPs is getting PLUS money legs put together and that really sky rockets the payouts.

SAQUON BARKLEY - You can go as low was 65 rushing yards but OVER 84.5 (+115) looks like a solid start to a SGP. If you want to go higher then you have 94.5 (+170) and 104.5 (+250) and I like pairing one of those with NYG team points over 13.5 -OR- Saquon receiving yards over 14.5. For a baseline you can take OVER 84.5 rushing yards and NYG over 13.5 points for (+135) and if you add in over 14.5 receiving yards it jumps to +190.

LEONARD FOURNETTE - Over 64.5 is (-105) which is a solid start to a leg and adding anything to it will get you into plus money. If you want to go for a bigger payout I like taking over 74.5 (+160) or get crazy at over 84.5 (+255). Chris Godwin is out, Julio Jones in banged up, Gronkowski is gone, what else can they do but RUN - RUN - RUN!

NICK CHUBB - Cleveland is going to run the ball as much as possible until they get Watson on the field late in the year. Cleveland has a solid "O-Line" and Chubb has a number as low as 69.5 and max of 109.5 (+240).

Washington/Detroit Game - Love attacking this game on both sides and if this game is 13-10 I'll likely lose a ton of money today! Both of these teams struggled on defense last week and Washington can't run (Antonio Gibson had a horrible pre-season and camp) so love some of these legs:

Carson Wentz OVER 199.5 passing yards - This feels as SAFE as they come with 300+ last week and playing on a team that can't run. You can go to 224.5 (-125) for a little better odds and if you want to go 274.5 (+145).

Curtis Samuel OVER 24.5 receiving yards is an easy leg to add in and he can't eclipse that number with a single catch.

Amon-Ra St. Brown over 49.5 receiving yards feels fair with the amount of targets he is receiving.

D'Andre Swift OVER rushing yards - You can go as low as 29.5 and his max is 69.5 (+270).


This is not a play that I have today as mine are a little different but this is an example. You can pair Chubb & Saquon together to have great games and their team total over a lower alt total line and crank this up to +930 odds.

If you only put half a unit on these you see how big they can get. Now image the 8-15 legs that I'm putting together. They are very addicting and so much fun to follow!


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